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One of Hartford’s most-travelled streets was known as Hubbard Street until 1873, when it received its current name. What is that street? You’ll find the answer at the top of the Trivia page.

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A famous Hartford restaurant opened in the basement of the United States Hotel on State Street in 1845. Name it. Give up? Here’s the answer.

Campfield Avenue is named after a military encampment created during which of these wars: A) King Philip’s War; B) the Revolutionary War; or C) the Civil War. Here’s the answer:

Dillon Stadium, which recently underwent a complete renovation, opened in 1935 as Municipal Stadium but was renamed in 1956 to honor James H. Dillon. Who was he? Here’s the answer.

Hermann P. Kopplemann (1880-1957) rose from the immigrant neighborhood of Hartford’s East Side to found H.P. Kopplemann and Co., which eventually became Connecticut’s leading distributor of newspapers and magazines. But it was in the political realm where Kopplemann did his Read more…

A longtime Hartford business was the setting for one of painter Norman Rockwell’s more famous covers for the Saturday Evening Post, appearing in the May 19, 1956 issue. Which business was it? The answer is here.

What Hartford institution disappeared on October 20, 1976?

What city institution—still with us—was founded in response to a steam boiler explosion that killed 21 and seriously injured as many as 50 on March 2, 1854, at the Fales and Gray railroad-car factory near Dutch Point?

What key part of Hartford’s infrastructure is named after a man who grew up in the city and was killed in the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor? The answer is here.

What major artery of Hartford was originally called Talcott Mountain Turnpike? The answer is here.

Hartford found itself in the national spotlight on October 14, 1975, when a limousine carrying President Gerald R. Ford collided with a car full of teenagers at a city intersection. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. At what intersection did Read more…

Where is this building located? The symbol affixed to the top is a big clue. For the answer, along with previous questions and answers, go to the Trivia Questions page of And please: no wagering.

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